Writing credits


Juggernaut: a sequel to The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 2017. Available in paperback and Kindle ebook from Amazon. 

Torc. 2016. Available in paperback and ebook from Amazon. Also available in ebook from both Smashwords and Kobo

The Prospect of This City: Being a novel of the Great Fire. 2015. Available in paperback and ebook from Amazon. Also available in ebook from both Smashwords and Kobo

This site's page on Prospect is here

Other writing credits:

Crackers, a short film. Screenplay by Eamonn Griffin. Directed and produced by Graeme Oxby. Executive producer Kat Horne. 2015. Lighthouse Creative and Digital. Online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQNzKFr68qE

Foreword contributed to The Kings of England by Graeme Oxby, published by Bluecoat Press, 2017 forthcoming.

Eighty-Six Teaspoons, a short story, Bath Short Story Award 2014 anthology

Cine-Files: Playhouse Cinema, Louth, an article, The Guardian, March 2014.

Anna, a short story. Bath Short Story Award 2013 anthology.

3 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Be A Writer, an article, Good Housekeeping, November 2013.

Night Before Last, a short story. Vintage Script magazine, Winter 2013. 

‘Screwtop Thompson’ by Magnus Mills, a non-fiction article. Thresholds international short story forum, University of Chichester, 2013. Available online at: http://blogs.chi.ac.uk/shortstoryforum/screwtop-thompson-by-magnus-mills/

Smokehouse Fulton, a short story. Vintage Script magazine, Summer 2012.

A Year And A Day, a short story. Bloody Scotland/Blasted Heathens Worth The Wait anthology, 2012. Anthology available as an ebook via http://blastedheath.com/

Friary Walk, a short story. North East Lincolnshire: Past, Present & Future anthology. North East Lincolnshire Council, 2009.

Dolores P Ramirez, a short story. Fathom 08 short story prize anthology. Fathom Press, 2008. 978-0955595028