A few wise words from Stephen King

Apparently, today (21st Sept) is Stephen King's birthday. Happy birthday! I'm about two-thirds of the way through King's latest UK paperback, the short story collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which is well up to his usual standard. 

Anyway, the infographic below was posted on King's UK publisher Hodder's @hodderscape Twitter feed earlier today. A collection of handy hints taken from his excellent On Writing, which really should be on every wannabe writer's bookshelves. And on their audiobook listening device of choice. As King narrates the audiobook himself, it really works, and is well worth the purchase, even if it's additional to the book.

I've blathered elsewhere on this blog about the usefulness of On Writing, so I'll not labour the point here, except to note that the first half of the book acts as an early-years autobiography (and tells us why King's a writer) and the second half is craft-focused (the how part).

Here's the promised infographic:

Yeah, it might be a bit of a thinly-disguised advert, but it's a good book. And we're all about the good books here, so we'll give this one a pass.  


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