East of England: crowdfunding/subscription is closed!

That’s it. After 315 days (thought the book reached its funding target back in July), the opportunities to be part of the crowdfunding of East of England have now closed, so that the publishing elves can get on with the business of completing the printing and distribution of the book.

East of England is out on 24th January 2019. It’’ll be available from all of the places that sell books, both offline and online, and can be pre-ordered here (a selection of links for you).

Out 24th January.

Out 24th January.

A massive set of thanks to all of you who’ve contributed to the book’s funding. That list of glory is here if you want to peruse it; just click on the tab marked “Supporters”. Each and every one of you is a patron of the arts, and may use the letters POTA after your name.

The rest of you? You pay retail (see the links above).

Thanks again!



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