Juggernaut is free for #Frightfest - Jekyll and Hyde sequel free on Kindle!

As it's Frightfest this weekend, Juggernaut, my sequel novel to Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is free on Kindle for the 5 days of the horror film festival.

So, you can download Juggernaut - which also includes the full text of the Stevenson original - free from 24th to 28th August inclusive. Here's the link again. There's a paperback version available also, if that's your kinda thing. 


Torc: the ebook is free from 22 May 2017 to 26 May 2017 inclusive!

Afer last month's ebook giveaway for Juggernaut, I've decided to run another! Torc, my MG/YA-ish (you decide!) Scottish-set timeslip novel is free for download from Amazon between the 22nd and 26th of May 2017 inclusive. Just in time for the bank holiday weekend, if you're in the UK!

Here's the synopsis:  

The west coast of Scotland, present day. Ailsa's world is threatened when the future of the hotel she calls home comes under threat. She's saddled with her cousin Tom for the day while the adults talk, but Ailsa has a plan that might just save their way of life.

The same village, two thousand years earlier. Iona, daughter of clan chief Duer, is given a vital errand; a Roman incursion into their homelands is rumoured, and a scout has not returned. Iona's task is to complete the scouting mission.

The two girls' lives become entangled through time; linked by their shared homelands, their dreams, and an artefact that binds them together across the centuries.

Hope you enjoy Torc - if you get to read the book, then please pop a review up onlne!


Juggernaut: the ebook is free 21th April - 25th April 2017!

Juggernaut - my new sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, is free to download from Amazon between 21st and 25th April 2017!

So, pop over to Amazon and help yourself to a free copy. It'll download to your Kindle, or else you can download a free app to your smartphone/tablet/computer for easy reading.   

Don't worry if you've not read the original, as that's included in the download.

Enjoy the book, and don't forget to leave a review for me on Amazon! Your feedback is really useful!  

Big summer blowout, as the kids say these days.

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The Judge: a short story response

This isn't something I'd ordinarily do. As part of the cut-and-thrust on Twitter earlier today, I mentioned that the idea of an openly gay, ex-Olympian fencer who was a judge sounded like top superhero material. An old-school costumed vigilante in the Detective Comics-era BatMan or Zorro mould. Maybe a flash of Baroness Orzy's The Scarlet Pimpernel. A couple of people commented that it sounded like an agreeably daft idea. 

And I had a couple of hours free. So here it is. The Judge. Some caveats here. It's a 2800 word single draft piece written in a single sitting. I'm likely never to go back to it ever. And it's a work of fiction. No real people are meant to be inferred etc. We clear? Good. Just an afternoon's writing amusement. 

Anyway. The story's here, it's free for you to read and enjoy/comment on/disparage, and can be downloaded as a pdf file

Free new book from Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield, author of Gates of Fire (the definitive retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae), isn't only a fine historical and military novelist, but an excellent writer on motivation for creativity. His book The War of Art is about the best on the subjects, and the follow-ups he's written to that each have something useful to say as well.

I've blogged in the past about Pressfield's (and his partner Shawn Coyne's) creativity/motivational writing work here and here

So, a promotional email drops into the inbox saying that a) he's got another creativity-based book and b) that ebook copies of it are free (in multiple formats) for a limited period.  


Anyway, the new book's called Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit: Here's Why  And What You Can Do About It, and for the present (I can't see an indication on how long this will last, so act fast if you're so minded) it's free as an ebook. The link's here.  

Hope you fins the book useful!