So here we go...

A new website, and a new blog. Hello, by the way. Welcome. Sit wherever you like. Thanks for popping by. 

Awkward mingling over, and hovering uncertainly in the kitchen dispensed with, let's crack on. In previous blogging iterations I've focused on book and movie reviews plus pointing the way to UK-based writing competitions. Occasionally I may resort to doing that, but the focus of this blog will be on the practice of creative writing. 

Don't worry; I'll not be posting up positive bland "you can do it" messages, quotations purportedly from famous authors or any of that kind of stuff. There's a place for all of that, of course, though I'm sure there's plenty of others in your timelines at some point or other who do that a hundred times better and more sincerely than I could ever do. 

Nope, much of this will be personal trials and tribulations kinda stuff. Banging my head against the wall material. Expressions of bewilderment and frustration. In there I'm sure there'll be eureka moments and suchlike, but I'll keep that to a minimum wherever I can. So, a blog about the journey as much as the destination. 

I like to think that blogs should have a routine. Regularity is the key. So, a post a week minimum, more than likely written at the weekend. That's the way forward. So keep me in check, please, and feel free to chide me when I slacken. 

Also, a blog, for me at least, is a moment in time. It shouldn't be overly-polished. Great if you can produce perfect material, of course, but these are first draft thoughts (and I daresay there'll be some first draft expression of those thoughts too).