10 questions: Miles M Hudson, author of 2089

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Today's guest author is Miles Hudson, who's kindly submitted himself for the 10 Qs treatment. Here's Miles to talk about his forthcoming futuristic thriller 2089, which is being published by Unbound, with a street date of 20th September 2018.

1. Who are you and what’s your book about?

I'm Miles M Hudson.

2089 is an action adventure, with socio-philosophical themes about surveillance in society, the over-reliance on technology, and how human communities should be structured, in order to make for a happy life?

Set in 2089, in the ultimate surveillance society. They’ve developed a system for remotely tapping into your optic and auditory nerves. Everything that you see and hear is detected and published publicly online; nothing you see or hear can be secret.

The action of the story has one of the surveillance policemen blow up the old GCHQ building in Cheltenham, to destroy the surveillance computers and release everyone from what he sees as an Orwellian nightmare. He goes on the run across post-apocalyptic, climate-changed Gloucestershire, until a ragtag posse eventually catches him and brings him back to trial, where the people, who’ve never known privacy, don’t understand his ideas at all.

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2. Why should folk read your book?

The page-turning action adventure will also stimulate them to think about a whole range of philosophical questions.

3. What’s the appeal of your book?  

It’s scarily topical - current world events could easily slip into the cataclysm that leads to my imagined 2089.

4. Sounds great! Where/when can I get hold of a copy?

Published by Unbound on 20th September. So, all good bookshops or ebookshops. 


5. Describe a typical writing day, or at least a typical day with some writing in it:

I read the papers with a cup of tea in bed, and make it to my desk by about 930am. Work till about 2 pm, lunch, and then wander into Durham for a coffee and Private Eye. Either go swimming, or play hockey in the evening.

6. Pick one book about writing. What it is and why have you chosen it?

Stephen King’s On Writing. His analogy of writing as palaeontology really resonates with me. The dinosaur skeleton is already there, and complete, and our work just brushes away the dirt to reveal that complete story. I regularly feel like I’m just channelling the characters, who go off and do things on their own and I just record it, rather than invent it.

7. Pick three books that have influenced or inspired you as a writer:

The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Great Expectations.

The OED.

8. Pick three desert island books - works you couldn’t live without:

I rarely read books a second time. There aren’t any I ‘couldn’t live without’. There are so many books in the world and not enough lifetime to read them all, I feel like reading a book again is wasting that time when I could be discovering a new one. Ok, so that’s the opposite of living on a desert island, but, um, it is the reason why I can’t pick these.

9. Any words of writing wisdom?

Everything is valid.

10. Let’s make a movie of your book. Give me the high-concept pitch:

The movie will have constant tension as the hero is constantly looking over his shoulder to evade the surveillance and the posse.

The cinematography will blow the viewer away: climate-changed and post-apocalyptic Gloucestershire, with repeating allusions to the strength of nature that Man could not destroy - the phases of the Moon and the surge of the River Severn’s tides. Whilst the book is along the lines of 1984 meets Station Eleven, the movie has a real chance to hit the qualities of both Blade Runner films.

Social media contacts:

FB: Miles Hudson author

Twitter: @milesmhudson


Unbound URL: https://unbound.com/books/2089/

Previous publications:

The Cricketer’s Corpse

About 20 physics textbooks. Most recently Edexcel A Level Physics Books 1 and 2 


Massive thanks to Miles for playing along. As he said, 2089 is out in September. so hopefully there's something here to intrigue you about the book!


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10 questions: Mark Ciccone, author of Discarded

As you know, I'm currently crowdfunding my new novel East of England through Unbound Publishing. And I'm not alone! So, I've asked a few fellow writers on Unbound's current roster to give a quick overview of their writing work, and the book they're crowdfunding themselves (or have completed funding) in a ten questions set format. 

Today; it's the turn of Mark Ciccone. Here's Mark: 

Mark Ciccone.jpg

1. Who are you and what’s your book about?

I am Mark Ciccone, and Discarded is the story of Greg and Leah, two genetically engineered soldiers on a journey to discover their origins—and face the enemies that would keep those origins buried.

2. Why should folk read your book?

Super-soldiers and genetic engineering have been staples of science fiction since that genre was first coined, in countless different forms: books, movies, and especially video games. Yet while plenty of these works also include stories of self-discovery, it is my impression that few look past the action and drama the characters go through or create during those tales, and ask what it truly means to be such a figure—and whether they can have a life outside that of hero or destroyer. This book is my attempt to write such a story, letting readers see what scifi/action characters can become when the adventures and battles are done, and all they want is peace…and answers.

3. What’s the appeal of your book?  

It blends sci-fi with thriller and drama, and travels across much of a war-torn, recovering U.S. in the not-too-distant future.

4. Sounds great! Where/when can I get hold of a copy?  

It is currently still funding on Unbound.com, with many different pledge options and rewards!

5. Describe a typical writing day, or at least a typical day with some writing in it:

I get up around 9 each day, and usually start writing and/or researching right after lunch, in intervals of an hour or two. On the days when I have classwork or day job hours (I’m a 3rd year History PhD student, and I work as a Library Circ Assistant), I usually try to get in a few paragraphs to a page, minimum, on my current draft before heading off to either, then at least an hour in the evening.

6. Pick one book about writing. What it is and why have you chosen it?

Stephen King’s On Writing. It gave me a good introduction to the demands and joys of being a writer (if an aspiring one) and encouraged me to create my own set of writing rules, to keep me focused during research or draft work.

7. Pick three books that have influenced or inspired you as a writer:

How Few Remain by Harry Turtledove is a richly detailed, impressively written Civil War alternate history, and inspired me to write my own such stories (some of which have already been published!). Fatherland by Robert Harris did the same with regards to WWII and helped me greatly in refining my noir and thriller writing techniques. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is a sobering yet enthralling read, with eloquent 1st person prose that soon had me trying my hand at such a style.

8. Pick three desert island books - works you couldn’t live without:

Lion’s Blood by Steven Barnes, Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove, 1984 by George Orwell.

9. Any words of writing wisdom?

Always have a book and/or something to write with/on close to hand, for when ideas strike. ALWAYS find someone to beta-read, before sending any draft(s) in for self- or regular publishing.           

10. Let’s make a movie of your book. Give me the high-concept pitch:

After more than twenty years of fighting, running and hiding, the survivors of a top-secret U.S. military super-soldier program have finally begun to create a home for themselves, hidden from those that created them. Yet despite this new-found peace, many questions still remain: What lives did they all have, before the program—if any? Are they still being hunted, as perceived threats to the government and scientists who molded them into the perfect soldiers? And what future can they create, for themselves…and their possible descendants? Two soldiers, Greg and Leah, set out to find the answers to these questions by any means, trekking across a war-torn, slowly-recovering North America. But there are far more answers waiting in their old world of espionage and black ops than they ever expected. And others are seeking these out as well…and willing to do anything to keep them hidden…

Social media contacts:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WIwriter88

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mark-A-Ciccone-118412591868473/

Blog/website: https://wordpress.com/posts/markaciccone.wordpress.com

Unbound URL: https://unbound.com/books/discarded/

Previous publications:

Red Delta: A Novel of Alternate History (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078NRSN9B)

Obsidian & Steel (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GOUPH66)

For State and Country (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CTN98SU)

Dillinger in Charleston (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0167UTNT0)

Divided Worlds: An Alternate Space Race (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BW8DPGK)

Huge thanks to Mark for playing along! Hopefully Discarded will be of interest to you as readers, and you'll help it on its journey to publication.