"Looks like I'm walking." Last day in the old job...

Today's my last day at what's now my old job. That's coming up on fifteen years with the same employer. A decade and a half of teaching. So it's a big shift that's being made. Time to do some writing, full-time.

And along with a change of that nature, naturally there's some mixed emotions. So here's how I'm feeling today, explored via a few movies. Why movies? Let Steve Martin - in Grand Canyon - explain:

Some days have been a bit like this:

And sometimes I've felt like Frank Oz, here supervising the test in Spies Like Us:

And occasionally like Pacino's Ricky Roma in Glengarry Glen Ross:

And ever so occasionally like Peter Finch in Network:

Though there's been some of this too:

A little bit of me's like Al Pacino on getting released from jail in Carlito's Way. Like Carlito Brigante, I did some time but never got convicted on no dope:

And a bit of me's going to be like Joliet Jake Blues getting out of the slammer to find that things have changed on the outside:

Though prison/escape comparisons are a bit clunky (and not really accurate to my situation, in all fairness), they're at least vivid and visual. Ain't that right, Andy Dufresne?

So it's not like I've actually crawled through a prison-pipe of poo to get out, but it will feel a bit odd to be out on the outside.

Hopefully there'll folk out there like Peter Falk in Wings of Desire, helping newbies acclimatise:

Mostly, though, today I get to be Robert de Niro. Specifically, the de Niro of Midnight Run.

After a long time trying to do the right thing (and, like most of us not always getting it quite right), de Niro's character Jack Walsh (over two video clips) finally gets an out.

A little travelling money, the sense of a new beginning, but first, the walk home.