...and first day in the new job

So here we go. September 1st is the first day in the new job; being a full-time freelance writer. I've never been self-employed before, so as you might imagine, there's something of a learning curve to be scaled. 

Some of the past few days has been spent setting up a basic-but-workable system of keeping track of accounts (in other words, I've got an A4 file), ordering some business cards, hooking myself up with the tax and National Insurance folk; all of that.  

I've tidied up my online presence, backing up and archiving a couple of old blogs, and redirecting URLs that I've got for those back here. I'll keep a weather eye on traffic from those addresses, and if it's useful to do so, I'll renew them. If not, I'll let them go. Also, I've joined Facebook - something I dabbled with back in the late 00s but found it not for me - partly to keep in contact with former colleagues, and partly to help support me doing this. 

So, yeah, I'm making this up as I go along.    

However, as making things up is now the day job, let's hope that this just becomes a new normal.  One of the key steps along that particular path is to establish a new writing routine; one that doesn't have to work around the restrictions of office hours plus commute plus marking and so on at home. That'll be the focus of Friday's post. 


My novel The Prospect of This City is out now and available in paperback from me (signed if you prefer!) an in ebook and paperback formats via Amazon