10 questions: Ewan Lawrie, author of Gibbous House and No Good Deed

As you know, I'm currently crowdfunding my new novel East of England through Unbound Publishing. And I'm not alone! So, I've asked a few fellow writers on Unbound's current roster to give a quick overview of their writing work, and the book they're crowdfunding themselves in a ten questions format. 

Today, here's Ewan Lawrie, who's published Gibbous House through Unbound, and who is currently crowdfunding its sequel, No Good Deed

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1. Who are you and what’s your book about?

My name is Ewan Lawrie and I am the author of Gibbous House a smash-hit sensation of a gothic romp and its sequel, currently funding at Unbound, No Good Deed. (Some of that is true).

2. Why should folk read your book?

Why shouldn’t they? Oh, very well. Gibbous House is funny, (so I’m told) thrilling and full of historical detail, so is No Good Deed … I hope. 

3. What’s the appeal of your book?

The central character, Moffat, is unlike any protagonist you have met before: Murderous, magniloquent and morally ambivalent, Moffat finds himself at the centre of complex plots without ever quite understanding how or why.

4. Sounds great! Where/when can I get hold of a copy?

All good bookshops and Amazon. Some copies are still available direct from the publisher. No Good Deed is still funding.

5. Describe a typical writing day, or at least a typical day with some writing in it:

Up at seven, check Unbound campaign page, sigh.
Check Amazon ranking and sales, sigh again.
Write e-mails to do with crowd-funding, submissions to various magazines and fiddle with GIMP graphics programme to make Social Media posts at least interesting enough to read. Make coffee. Write something in a notebook. Write it into an open office document. Delete it. Read something I wrote years ago. Ask myself why I don’t write as much/well/often now. (Delete as applicable).
Check Unbound campaign page, sigh.

6. Pick one book about writing. What it is and why have you chosen it?

The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker. It was recommended by my tutor on my creative writing course with the Open University over 10 years ago. I read it cover to cover then and I dip into it now, when I need to. I am a “pants-ster” rather than a plotter and it does me good to go back to TSBP from time to time.

7. Pick three books that have influenced or inspired you as a writer:

Great Expectations, The Master and Margarita, The Quincunx.

8. Pick three desert island books - works you couldn’t live without:

I nearly picked The Coral Island, Robinson Crusoe and Lord of the Flies. To be honest, I’d take a King James Bible, a notebook and Bulgakov.

9. Any words of writing wisdom?

Read, read some more, read anything, read everything. Write a bit, then read some more

10. Let’s make a movie of your book. Give me the high-concept pitch:

“This book’s not for you, Mr Winestone,  aren’t you in enough trouble?”

Social media contacts: EwanL@Twitter.com, https://www.facebook.com/ewan.lawrie.9 https://www.facebook.com/PleaseAllowMe13/

Website: http://ewanlawrie.blogspot.com/

Unbound URL: https://unbound.com/books/no-good-deed/

Previous publications: Gibbous House https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gibbous-House-Ewan-Lawrie/dp/1783520892


Check out Ewan's writing, and consider both buying Gibbous House and supporting its sequel into life!