Wayward summer breeze

This was a longer post, but that got lost in a computer snafu. The post was good; about Chuck Berry and about poetry, rhythm and blues and country music, and about gathering those things together in a single place. And about shadows cast, and those who sheltered, and who found their own place, protected from the tedious sun.

Alas, that's gone, though. And there's nothing more injurious to the soul than reconstructing your own words. So I'll not attempt that. What I did retain was the tracklisting to the writing. So here it is.   

Some Chuck Berry covers for you.

Here's School Days, covered by AC/DC. 

And now here's Nadine, from Rory Gallagher:

Oh, and here's Roll Over Beethoven, from ELO:

And now here's Bye Bye Johnny, from the peerless Wilko Johnson:

As it's Christmas somewhere, here's Run Run Rudolph, covered by Keith Richards:

Here's Keith Richards and Jerry Lee Lewis having a go at Little Queenie:

Now it's the turn of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, covering You Never Can Tell:

David Bowie, taking a stab at Around and Around:

The Band's Levon Helm, essaying Back To Memphis:

Last, here's The Pirates, rampaging through Johnny B Goode:

That's ten. Not a personal Top Ten necessarily; just ten to be going on with. 


Books by me:

Juggernaut, a sequel to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (also included in the volume). 

Torc, for younger readers of all ages. 

The Prospect of this City; a novel of 1666.