Words wrangled for pleasure, learning, escapism. The fun of telling a story and the thrill of finding out. 

Creative writing PhD. MA in popular culture. PGCE. Degree in Social sciences.  

Things I'm interested in include:

Stories. Yours. Hers. Mine. That bloke over there's. 

Map/territory relations.

Movies especially, though fascinated by popular culture and digital humanities more widely.

Public seating and memory. See my blog Benches of Louth for more details, the first post of which explains a bit more. 

Short and long-form fiction, screenplays and radio drama.

Non-fiction, auto/biography and travelogue. 

History and myth, geography and urban spaces. Elvis and Robin Hood. The Great Fire of London. The 16th and 17th centuries. Architecture. Concrete. 

I'm represented by Nelle Andrew of Peters, Fraser & Dunlop.

Day job = HE lecturing: creative writing (short and long fiction, screenwriting, radio drama), English studies (popular culture, media theory, American studies, drama, film studies), digital humanities and applied philosophy, dissertation supervision across creative arts and media disciplines. Creative writing final major project supervision. 

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You can find me on Twitter at @eamonngriffin or simply fill in the form on this website's contact page.